Beaten down but not broken


Beaten down but not broken

Bent by the storm

After a recent thunderstorm, I went to check on our first garden. The wind looked like it had taken its toll on our corn. It is not standing straight up but rather leaning to the side. Do you ever find yourself bent over and beat up by the storms in your life? Family, relationships, exhausting job, being a mother?  In the after math of the storm I still saw the corn was bearing its fruit.  It has ears of corn growing from its stalks.  Just as it is intended to do. We are intended to reflect our Savior and bear fruit that shows we are disciples of Christ. as John 15:8 says?   This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be my disciples. 

Are we bearing good fruit that shows we are a disciples of Christ? Or are we bearing anger, bitterness and unclean lips?
What kind of fruit are you and I bearing in our storms?

Lord, today I pray that you would help us to be true reflections of you so that we can show those around us that we are your children. Help us to find good in the storm and cling to You even though life is hard. We praise You God for loving us and ask that You would guide us today. In Jesus name. Amen.


2 thoughts on “Beaten down but not broken

  1. Amen!!! Very well said! I pray that we can be content in every situation & truly have the faith to know our lives are in the mighty hands of our all powerful Father in Heaven, just waiting for His children to be obedient & make the choices that keep us in His will so he can bless us. Oh how His blessings will bless us if we just allow Him to control every aspect of our being. Thanks for the inspiration friend. I needed it this morning, please keep ’em coming! Angel in Heaven, get those fingers ‘a movin’!!! 😉

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