Carrying a load on my back.

Carrying a load on my back,

 a whole lot of anger and getting no slack

 Carrying the unforgiveness is heavy,

open up the floodgates and open the levy.

 Cut down the burdens and let them fall.

Give them to him let go of them all.

 This weight I have carried has hurt me you see,

hindered me from the woman I’m to be.

 Bent over and sour faced, cruel hearted and rude.

Gotta get rid of that bad attitude.

 Stand up, look up and feel the breeze.

Walking like this should be with ease.

 For many years now you have behaved this way.

So don’t be surprised if you often stray.`

 Back to the old hag bent over and rude.

Fight against it don’t sit and brood.

 My daughter my prize you are precious in my eyes

Stop wearing that silly old foolish disguise.

 The one that you wear when you want to hide.

When you don’t want your friends to see your inside.

 Created for my pleasure my love.

Purified and beautiful my cleansed white dove.

 I am strong to finish this race,

Help me to keep a strong running pace.

 May these burdens stay far from me.

Standing up tall like a great redwood tree.

 Free from unforgiveness and hate.

Free now to love I have a clean slate.

 Free to be a woman upright,

Not to complain or grumble or be uptight.

 Allowing hurt feelings to fall by my side.

Not worrying or fretting in you I’ll abide.

 Shining face reflecting His glory.

I spend time this morning reading His story.

 Burdens are cut ties now don’t bind.

Now to seek help daily to cleanse this old mind.

 God you are marvelous gracious and kind.

Help me daily to seek out your Mind.

 Out to my day I try to smile.

I need to go one. Not one but two miles.

 You are my God my Master my Love.

Thank you for purifying me and giving me that shove.

2 thoughts on “Carrying a load on my back.

  1. Well said dear friend! Bitterness is a HEAVY burden to bear– Jesus said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is LIGHT!” R

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