Empty and Hollow

Empty and hollow broken and bruised. These feelings make me feel so used.

 Like a rotten old tomato, a pear or a peach. Squishy and rotten I feel I can’t reach.

 A healing so close yet trampled and worn. It feels like my heart is battered and torn.

 The truth if I listen, is near and not far.  Clean out the lies that bind me like tar.

 Sucked down and held fast waiting for my Savior to come at last.

 He’s been there just waiting to reach out to me. Calling me, standing right there to see.

 To take His hand it’s mine for the holding. I am here I am beholding.

 Why oh why when the hand is so near do I just sit and turn away in fear?

 Here I am please rescue me. Hold me close and set me free.

 Help me God to rely on you. May my words and actions always be true.

 May my heart fully rest in you. Because You are faithful in all You do.

 My Master, My Savior, my friend to the end. Help me to your way completely bend.

2 thoughts on “Empty and Hollow

  1. So true how the enemy tries to tell us that we’re less than what God has made us. We are made in HIS image. He sees us as sinless (thanks to the blood of Jesus) and has removed our sin as far as the east is from the west. The enemy will forever try to break us from this truth, but we are sealed by the love and compassion of Jesus.

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