Hidden Blessings

I was out in the garden the other day taking pictures of the yellow squash blooms because they are amazing!  As I was looking through the pictures this morning, I was so surprised when I looked closely to see the surprise inside. 🙂  I had no idea when I was taking the picture that there was something additional there.  Life is like that too. We see the outside of something or someone and assume that they or it is just as it appears. While in reality, behind the smart mouth, behind the pessimism or the gruff exterior there is something very beautiful and unique. Let’s be more gracious. Let’s find out why people are the way they are before we write them off.  Look for the hidden surprise in people and you will be blessed because of it.

1 thought on “Hidden Blessings

  1. I LOVE this! It’s SO true… It’s also like “potential.” While we might look plain and simple, God sees our potential. His plans are more than we could hope or imagine. And yes, he’ll use us– broken vessels (with a lot of glue and duct tape!) ha;)

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