May I be more like You.


May I be more like you, in the things I say and the things I do.

  Show me Lord, your will this day, As my family all go to work and play.

  Guide me Lord as your truth I gird, help me to listen to Your every word.

  In your path, I want to walk, exemplified by the way I talk.

 Pleasing to your ears the words I speak, help me to be humble, kind and meek.

  Submitting daily to my husband God, my feet with readiness are fully shod.

 Taking up the armor now, spreading your truth I humbly vow.

  I will do what you ask of me, to speak your truths and let them see,

 A cracked vessel I am reclaimed. Sealed up, filled up, not in vain.

 An abundant fountain so glad to flow. As we work together, help us grow.

 Families set apart to you. May we honor you in what we say and do.

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