On this day.

On this day, a few bleary eyed mothers will receive a breakfast in bed her offspring prepared with loving, but unsteady hands.  A few mothers, now grandmothers will meet their tired children and exuberant grandchildren for lunch at a restaurant after waiting in long lines.  Then there are a few women who may be mourning that fact that they were never able to carry a child to term or even had the opportunity to try to have a baby. There may be a mother who gave her child up for adoption and is unable to hold her child any longer and her heart is breaking. There are so many opportunities today to show love. Not just to women who are obviously mothers, but to women in general.  In some ways we are all mothers because we care for people.  We have a neighbor who is not yet a grandmother, but my kids latched on to her like they have known her and loved her forever. She knows what each of them love to eat and drink, she remembers things that even I forget, and she always has her arms open wide for a hug from “Nana”.  Though she has no grandchildren, she has taken the time to love my children and be kind to them and to us. She selflessly shares her porch, her candy, her coffee (with me:)) her table, and her unselfish love.  Are there people in your life that you can touch today by calling, writing a note to or just hugging to say “Happy Mother’s Day”. “Thank you for loving me”?  If you see a woman today her head hanging down, wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. Or simply smile and say, “I hope your day is blessed”.


2 thoughts on “On this day.

  1. A beautiful reminder- that showing appreciation, love and kindness to others in your life is a sweet gift to give (and receive):) Hugs today, may God POUR out his love, comfort, strength and blessing on you and your household today dear friend!

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