In the eye of the storm

For some sweet friends that are here now. God will bring you through. Know that you are loved!

In the eye of the storm, trepidation unfair.  When the consequences engulf while you sit and stare.  The doubt, the anguish, how long will you languish? At the storm swirling ‘round, tempest raging in. The sorrow and ache here they come they begin. Questions unanswered they multiply. You may wonder if you’ll ever survive. Find that safe place to weather the storm. In these trials your God He will form. A refuge, a shield a rampart it’s sure. For your sorrow and grief He has the cure. Insupportable burdens please leave at the cross don’t let bitterness turn your life to dross. These life changing woes are agonizing for you, but in due time He’ll remove them it’s true. To bind up the broken-hearted and hold those that weep. To carry their burdens and sufferings so deep.  He is the hope you can cling to. He will deliver your children and you. Eyes to your savior, heart near His throne. He will deliver you for you are His own



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