An ode to home-schooling small children.

 Whining, crying, yelling I hear,

I need you Lord right now to draw near.

Home-schooling with 3 under 10, oh gee,

Why in the world would you bring this to me?

 Training, instructing, loving and correcting.

Guiding, directing, hugging and protecting.

 These Jewels are entrusted into my care

Yet today as they yell, or they sit and they stare.

 I fight with rage, fury and wrath,

Yet You deliberately led me down this path.

 Silence is something I so dearly wish,

Just sitting and watching all of our fish.

 Instead to my ears screeching words I hear

“Why should I work?” the excuses appear.

“I don’t want to do math with you?”

I already know what is two plus two”.

 I hear your voice calling in my ear.

Where were you my dear?

 Before the kids woke up

I waited just for you to get up.

 To meet Me in that special place

To seek humbly my shining face.

 It is good to be close to My throne.

Ever seeking, ever searching,

Ever wanting my best.

Help me Lord to pass this great test.

 Loving, tending and pruning these flowers

So that they will be ready in that hour,

When they are called to be your women of power.

 Control the emotions as they roll all the more,

As I wage this spiritual heavenly war.

 Help me Lord and show me because,

I am struggling and I need to take this and pause.

 Forgive me Lord, for not meeting You.

Just as you instructed me to do

Tomorrow we all get to start over again.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get it right then.

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