It trikles down.

Grumbling, mumbling, rumbling and complaining it starts at the top and just trickles down.

Justifying, excusing, anger is confusing. When will I see it’s me who needs change?

Today is the day dear Lord and I need You. Come to my aid and help me right now.

Loving and gentle, patience and kindness. Now I see that trickling down.

Washing, refreshing, cleansing, encouraging. Allowing them each to be whom you made them for You.

They’re not little robots, the children adopted. All things before are out of my control.

What happens today though, I am responsible. What I do will flood their lives.

May I be the light in their shadowy darkness. Help me in my repaired state just guide them to You.

Show mercy, love, kindness and bind up their wounds Lord. Help me to be the mom you’ve made me to be.

I do have a purpose but am I allowing you to fill me and use me today?

We are your creations; you’ve made us to worship. May we be your vessels let Your peace trickle down.


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