Ready for battle! Ready for war!

Good golly! Madness creeps in behind me. Telling me I’m not good enough.

 “You are not worthy you are a loser.” “Why in the world do you even try?”

 “People dislike the person before them, not good enough”, they chant and they lie.

 Precisely the word that describes each above thought. Not true! Not true! They are just evil lies.

 Why do I permit those lies to entrench here? Choosing to believe not truth but mendacities.

 Fearfully and wonderfully created now there’s a true statement. It says right there in Psalm 139.

 In Your image, a likeness of You Lord. I cast out those falsehoods and surrender them to You.

 Help me today, Your armor to place on. To extinguish the darts the enemy shoots at me now.

 The helmet, the breastplate the shield and the sword drawn.

 My loins gird, my feet shod. I’m ready for battle! I’m ready for war!

 This armor protects me each piece has its purpose.  Battling and combating a warrior I am.

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