A poem about our adopted children.


Way down deep there’s a hole in their hearts each.  A dark place where we try but can’t reach. 

The sorrow the ache the pain oh it’s bad. I pray it won’t keep them burdened and sad. There is a void though with love we do fill. Emptiness we can’t touch but still.

They all have it, sadness it’s there.  It’s something that we’ve never felt laid bare.

The questions. The thoughts. They are seekers of truth. But in due time three children of youth.

When you are ready the details will come. At each new stage we will tell you some. 

Adoption it’s called and we share it with pride. Not something to keep or to hold it inside.

 You are a treasure we could not bare. Until in our arms He carefully laid you all there.

They are our babies and as the years pass, the emptiness breaks my heart for each lass.

Your hearts will be filled with joy and not pain. You’re cherished and loved and never in vain.  

 Find joy and find purpose sweet daughters of ours. God will help you with His mighty powers. 

You see sweet children, you are chosen by Jesus. To fill that emptiness we had when you needed us. 

 We are yours never doubt never fear. Though the pain rushes in and sometimes does sear.

Our home is a place you will always be secure. In our hearts in our lives you are made pure. 

Precious lambs we are your earthly caretakers. From God’s living well be daily partakers. 

  He lays before you on this earthly way. In His paths, please walk never stray.

Treasured and loved adopted are you. You are ours every day.  Every day it springs new.

 God brought you to us our arms open wide. We are blessed by your love. You fill us with pride.

2 thoughts on “A poem about our adopted children.

  1. Adoption is so precious in the sight of the Lord– that’s what he does with us– adopts us back into his family after we’re away. God’s blessing and power in your lives for your sweet offering to the Lord– and such a blessing to your own lives as well! Miss you sweet friend! God bless you today;)

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