The Betrayal (idea taken from Luke 22)

I am Judas. I was one of His twelve, but I avariciously wanted more. 30 pieces of silver would compensate me just fine.

Jesus was on the Mount of Olives. The disciples were supposed to stay alert while He prayed.

He wanted them to pray avoiding temptations. Not sleeping so soundly nearby on the ground!

Here I came with my new gang ‘cuz I switched sides remember. I drew near to Jesus to betray the King of the Jews.

After the kiss I placed upon His cheek, an extraordinary and remarkable feat ensued.

Peter with ferocity hacked off the ear of the servant just there. The crowd stood in awe at what Jesus He did next!

He repositioned the ear onto the servant’s head. He restored what was injured and repaired what was beyond repair.

He died on the cross with two others remember? I died alone hanged in my shame.

So my friends you choose whom this day you will serve.  I made such a despicable mistake in the end.

He Is alive! Thank God for His Son! His sacrifice was made for every person alive.

(for each of us to pray) 

Jesus forgive me, this day I’m a sinner. Help me to stride with you all my days.

You are the shepherd; I am your lamb. I ardently follow you and humbly do stand.

(hope for the future) 

Come meet Him dear one eyes up, sins forgiven. You are His creation. You are set free.


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