I thought of you today

I thought about you today as I went upon my busy way.

You are there and I am here I wish it were not far but near.

Your sorrow grief and tears do fly to her away now in the sky.

With Jesus and His Father too, which means she is not here with you.

An empty place a hole so large. It doesn’t seem like He’s in charge.

But on this earth you were blessed with her life. Losing her cuts like a carving knife. Taking a part of your heart with her, waking and sleeping you do concur.

Are more than many each day to bear. Why oh why it doesn’t seem fair.

The answers I wish were easy and true. This I do know He is with you.

On this broken path you walk. Now more jagged and painful you balk.

He has not forgotten your crew He is walking right there with you.

Her smile her face her life was a joy. And one day will be reunited OH BOY!

Your sweet lass, has found her way. I wish there was more that I could say.

Though I knew her not, your family has been a light burning hot.

My life because of you intertwined. I grieve with you, as you are refined.

In the fire that burns so deep. In His arms He will safely keep.

Your daughter dear has flown above. She is remembered each day with love.


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