From yesterday

As I was pondering the state of our home, (Messy!) indisposed and praying that the Lord would give me a great present of selling our home. We missed a phone call regarding a showing for the house. We then received a call from our Realtor saying that they were in the neighborhood and wanted to view the home for a second time. I opened the door after the first ring and pleasantly whilst holding our delightful dog asked if they could give us a few minutes. 🙂 So God, having a sense of humor as he does, whether we sell our home or not, He is in charge and we had a house viewing while dinner was on the stove dirty dinner prep dishes were shoved under the sink. Tea was spilled on the stairs. Words were spoken in haste. Clothes were shoved in drawers. Toilet lids hastily slammed. Dog placed in the back yard. “Surprise birthday celebrations” covered with a tigger towel on the dining room table! HAHA. Now a quick dinner and life goes on. God is in control. God cares about every detail and He loves us! YAY

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