God news and grab some ice cream.

Well as I posted before we are on a roller coaster here with the selling of the house. We through this are trying to remain ever vigilant and trust God fully. Sometimes it feels like we are standing on a piece of shale that is so fragile and ready to break at a moments time.  We would certainly fall into hopelessness.  God has seen us through some very rocky times.  Some depressing times. Some sorrowful times and tons of wonderful times.  Our faith has stood the test so far but this one wow! This one rocked us pretty hard.  My husband teaches school. He lined up the contracts based on what was said, and changed jobs accordingly.  Much to our surprise, we continued to check our bank account finding no paycheck!  He called and they said, “Oh, sorry. We made a mistake. You won’t be getting paid this month.”  UMMM really?  So with some intense conversation, he was able to work out that they had paid him all that he was due and we were stuck.  Not only did we all just go to the dentist and eye doctor, we realized that we may not have been covered for the visits.  Despair and hopelessness were creeping in.  High fees the buyer was requesting for the house blanketed our hearts with more anxiety.  We prayed and earnestly sought God for His wisdom.  We called family and asked if they could help if we were in a bind and they graciously agreed with letting us borrow money to pay our mortgage one more time before the house sold.

Joy. It came in the morning… well literally! The next day!!!  The buyer agreed to a different price. We were calling companies, canceling auto payments for bills and praying without ceasing for God’s provision.  We got some God news. It is God news because only God could have done this!  Apparently after contacting the mortgage  company, Sammy had paid 1 month in advance so we did not have to pay our mortgage this month.  Then, I called the electric company and they said we had enough money in our account for 1 and a half payments. Apparently we have over paid a few times! We no longer had to worry about our two biggest bills!  Our house payment will not come out at all because our home will sell before the payment is due!!!  We then were looking at all of the places in our area for sale for what we want and we are praying about a family homestead farm.  We may have found it!!! We are going to be able to stay with family until we are able to save up some money and get back on our feet, but God’s news was a wonder! It was so amazing! It was so God! He can orchestrate EVERYTHING! I asked God’s forgiveness for that hint of doubt and for not trusting as I should and MAN! I am so humbled that yet again, God provides.  At the end of our conversations, I grabbed some leftover birthday ice cream and we celebrated. (we never have ice cream in the house so it truly was a celebration!!!)

God provides!!


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