It has happened!  We sold our house in less that 80 days:) new book perhaps?!! HAH!

It has been a LONG time since I have written but we have been packing and moving and selling and crying and sharing and laughing.  Moving is hard!  Not just because you have to go through each little piece of paper that had shoved in crevices you did not realize existed.  Each rock, stone or treasure that had been saved with care and secrecy has to be dealt with.  Then came the goodbyes to loved ones who were more family than friends. It is a hard process but a necessary one… Address exchanges and little keepsakes traded. Waving goodbye as tears fell without hindrance.  A home generously opened to us. Shared meals e enjoy. We have a place to live!!  Temporary but a blessing. Jumbled thoughts as I type are examples of my life at this time.  Boxes, toys, clothes, and shoes. All searching for a place to rest for a short time. 5-6 months we shall stay here. Could be less. Could be more.

Lost in the crazy place called “moving”.

Blessings to all!


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