Just being nice

So I had that cyst that ruptured 2 weeks ago and now the flu has descended.  3 of our 5 have the flu and that is including me. 😦 Poo poo we have the flu! I was at the clothes line hanging out clothes and this little poem, dorky and short came to me. Poetry seems to ooze sometimes so whatever and however silly it is, I write it down!

Poo poo we have the flu. I hope it doesn’t make it’s way to you! 

Yes, it is dumb, but it is now out there 🙂  hahaha

On to the just being nice part of this post.  We are living at my parents while we are waiting for God to provide our home. They generously moved into their fifth wheel trailer next to their home so that our feisty five could move home.  The other morning it was literally freezing, not something we are used to. 🙂 My dad is a nice guy and would honestly give the shirt off of his back to help someone.  He came in and started a fire for the girls and I since we are under the weather. That was kind and thoughtful and generous and loving. Thanks Dad!

He also held one crying kid while I took the other in for her flu test. Thank you God for my dad and for making him nice!

So give being nice a try 🙂  Do something for someone else today. It is fun to do and fun to receive!


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