Jack in the box

I feel like that guy sometimes! Especially when I am trying to read my Bible. The kids are pulling open my lid by arguing, fighting, whining until I have to go be the referee to break up their “Smack Down” going on in the living room!!!

Right now I guess I am in a season. Mothering small children is a season. They aren’t always going to be small. Sometimes as a parent or caregiver you don’t know which way is up so you muddle around waiting for direction.
As I was praying the other day, I came to the conclusion that this is a time for trusting. This is a season for resting in God. This is like no other and when it is gone it can never be reclaimed.

I look at each child as a “season”ing in my life. A way that God is allowing me to grow and change and become more like Him. I have 4 main seasonings including my DH. They all start with the letter “C”.

Cilantro, Curry, Cayenne and Chili. Whoowee!   

God has blessed me with some serious fire power! 🙂 He has given me some serious action in my house and I pray that I will help them learn how to use the gifts that God has given to make their lives a pleasing aroma to Him.  My prayer was this, “God, help me to make these ‘seasonings’ into an aroma that is pleasing to You. May our mixed soup pot of seasonings waft to those around us to be a blessing to others. Please help me to appreciate your life changing spices and help me to show them the appropriate way to use their gifts as You have placed them in my life.”

I polled my DH and a few friends to see what “C” Herb or spice I was and here is the list in no particular order:

What are you? Are you pleasing to those around you? Am I?
Be spicy my friends!


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