A Bearing Fruit Kind of Tree

A Bearing Fruit Kind of Tree

By: Tara Young

You are the orchard keeper and I am the tree.

My fruit is not as it should be.

How many years have I gone without yield?

Just taking space in your flourishing field.

I’ve had some illness and some mold.

I am not young but very old.

Very old from my own sin,

I chose to allow and even invite in.

Very dry in my roots broken down.

Tangled with sin just a thorn in Your crown.

Blaming the field for the tree without loot.

When I should be filled with a whole bunch of fruit.

Yes Lord I see it that hidden sin.

I fought so hard to keep it in.

I’m sorry for being an empty tree.

Forgive me so I your throne can see.

Renewed, pruned, and repaired help me to be

A bearing fruit kind of tree.


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