Chickens! Keep it down!

That is yelled at our house frequently now by one member of the family.

Since we bought our chickens, I have been greatly entertained by their antics.  They are just plain funny!  The way they run is funny. The way they eat can be very funny.

Laying eggs, well that caused one of my kids to say something quite humorous.  Chickens squawk loudly when they are laying eggs and no wonder… it has to be painful!  One of the kiddos said, “I don’t even make that much noise when I am constipated!”  That was funny.

I see some similarities with my life and the lives of our chickens. (Stay with me here :))

When I am stressed, I run around squawking loudly and do crazy things to make those around me a bit uncomfortable (Or they laugh at all my flapping.)

And do I squawk? YES! I complain at times like a chicken layin’ an egg!  To most people the continuous squawking gets VERY annoying. I was reminded that I need to keep my complaining to a minimum. Maybe I should only squawk once a day and then lay my egg (complaints) before the Lord, so to speak.Image


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