Farm Life. The saga continues with a snake in the hen house.

So our on going farm saga continues…
This morning as our middle child did her morning feeding of the chickens, she ran quickly inside yelling, “There is a snake or a snake skin in the baby chicken coop!!!” Sammy, super dad, followed her with great speed to the coop. Poor little guinea hens… 2 down. One made it impossible for the rat snake to get back out, and the other died in waiting.  Farm life is hard, and lessons are learned. We don’t know how it got into the coop and we have special fencing up to 4 feet tall. IT must have climbed and got into the chicken wire. Kind of like sin. We leave a small opening for it and it creeps up maybe at night or when we don’t expect it. We always have to be on alert. Always prepared. Consequences come from a “snake in the hen house.”


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