Life on the farm …


what a morning! Up at 6:30 to see the new kitties. MIA They escaped their humble crate and are going to make someone very happy. I was getting ready to hang out laundry while trying to get the stench out of our home from the 6 chicks and 6 guinea hens that have been living in our laundry room. I moved their box outside.
Angel our excellent BIRD dog smashed their box and lifted the lid to free the unlucky bird that decided to test its wings. She had it in her mouth and it escaped fortunately under the truck into the rim. After unsuccessfully trying to capture the little pecking joy with a net and a plastic box… I called in the bird whisperer. She came, she calmly talked, she captured, snuggled and saved our guinea hen who is slobbered on and safely back in her box with the cover with her other winged siblings. whew!


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