No picture of the expired spider~

I was getting the chicken food ready and looked down to see a shiny black, large bodied spider with a red hour glass on its ugly self hanging out where the food bags are kept.  I was pretty sure that it was a baddy but called Sammy (through the kids) and she yelled back saying, “KILL IT MOM!” So I did. Promptly. Without guilt!

Yes it was a black widow spider and now it is gone!  I am reminded that each day, I have to be alert. Watching. Aware!

Not only in my physical life, but my spiritual life also.

Be alert my friends.

2 thoughts on “No picture of the expired spider~

  1. Nothing says evil like a spider. Unless it was the coral snake my best friend just found in her backyard. He was also quickly dispatched from this world!

    • I have to agree. Good for your friend! Though I would rather see a spider over a snake any day. 🙂 In one of my earlier posts, our dog Angel, protected the girls from a coral snake. EEK! Country life is a fun life until snakes and spiders and scorpions come out to play. EEW YUCK!

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