Re-purposed shower curtain and unusual Bedroom makeover.

Today on one of our outings, we went to a few thrift stores which are so fun!~ Even my 3 lovely young ladies enjoy them. (for a limited time only.:) I found 3 pair of name brand slacks for my DH for 10 cents each  WITH the dry cleaning tags on still. I found books for my preschooler for 10 cents each totaling $1.40.

On our way home, I drove by a sign that said free in front of some furniture. I put Brutus, my truck, in reverse and I grabbed a chair, and this mirrored window.

moon bedroom 081

I recycled an old frame and turned one of my daughter’s art pieces into a tray on which I placed the mirrored window. The bird was in my bathroom, so I grabbed her. The bottle I found one day while I was digging in the dirt.  I used my Cricut mini cutter to make flowers and leaves (idea from out of blue scrapbook paper and attached them with small pieces of wire, hot glue, and a few buttons for the flower centers. My husband and I walked the property to find just the right branch to spray paint white for my indoor blue flowering tree. 🙂

moon bedroom 093

I LOVED a shower curtain that a friend gave me but could not find a place for it in our house until I was gifted with bedspread set. So I covered my cushioned footstool with part of it and used the last of the fabric from the clean shower curtain to make a cover for a body pillow.moon bedroom 094

I hand stitched the pillow case because the tiny machine I was using, broke! It took some time, but I didn’t want to leave it undone. (and I told my husband he couldn’t come in until I was done.)

So there you have my Re-purposed shower curtain and unusual Bedroom makeover.

Use what you have or find to make something new and exciting!


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