The Shades of Disarray

The Shades of Disarray

By Tara Young

Many shades of disarray I can plainly see.

Why can’t my home be as tidy as I wish it to be?


The hours we read and played today. The laundry piled up high.

To say that I am not discouraged would be a great big lie.

Yet in her eyes I see a glow as first words she read out loud.

Her voice squeaked and screeched as she yelled, “I read! Mom! Aren’t you proud?”

These moments that I have with her are shades of disarray.

The cleaning and the folding will be done as I pray.

Pray that I am worthy of this child placed in my heart.

For in my womb she did not grow, but God gave her a fresh start.

So when I see the disarray, I shrug my shoulders and sigh.

I will get to that, but now, her joy is nigh.

If I wait until she naps, a lot more things get done.

Right now in my shades of disarray, she just wants to have some fun.

fun girl



7 thoughts on “The Shades of Disarray

  1. I have lived in vibrant colors of disarray! Loved the poem. Thank you for honoring the small yet mighty ways we serve our families.

    • Thank you. I know what you are saying 🙂 Our Springer has been sent to the outdoor world because she has a hard time staying out of horse poop from our neighbors home, so her gift has to stay outside guarding the cats, chickens and guineas. She comes in every now and then for a few moments if clear, but prefers being outside in the “wild” I can’t imagine a super tidy house and no kids or animals. What excitement would that bring!!??? Lol!

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