18 years ago

We just celebrated 18 years of marriage in June and this was my yearly thought typed out 🙂 (not all depressing peeps.)

18 Years ago today your wife I was ready to become.

To fulfill my lifelong dreams and build our home.

To bear children, wipe noses and cheer you from the sidelines.

Little did I know that was not God’s plan. Not that I expected easy street, but this was NOT my chosen path.

Never in my unlimited understanding of coaching did I realize I would see you so infrequently, move three times in 5 years as you pursued your dreams across the state of Texas. I had no idea!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think God would lead us on an adventure to Nairobi, Kenya. Across the plains over oceans to walk tentatively through the adoption of our first child while we grieved the loss of three babies.

Never in my imagination could I have foreseen being presented an infant while we looked at each other with shock and joy as she was laid in our arms. 

There on a voice mail, was the call about our third. Shock and joy present again as we heard about her on August 3 and brought her home August 10th!

Moving again. Surprise? No, not really. Who knew we would move more than 10 times?! A small house, a large house and now our little slice of Texas.

Passion. Pain. Tears. Laughter.

Never in my life did I expect such a beautiful puzzle being lovingly put together by God as we wait in expectation to see what He will do next. 


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