Oh God without You.

Oh God without you I am nothing,

yet I try to portray that I am something.

When I walk alone without you,

I am a terrible failure when I try to do.


The daily things in life which are tough.

Without your word it is quite rough.

I think I can do it on my own,

Love these children that are on loan.


Yet often I look at them I feel a loss.

when I fail to lead them to your cross.

I get in the way and want to be kind.

But sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind.


The control I seek comes not from me.

Without you I’m not the woman I should be.

Stir my heart with your love and grace.

Let your love shine upon my face.


Demonstrate to me how to grow their hearts

Even if they are little farts         

     oops… continue below. 🙂

I pray their love for You early starts.

God aid me as I strive to care.

Assist me as I empty Your cup to share


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