The pain of wanting and the grief off loss on Mother’s day.

In your heart you feel the pain.  The pain of loss and sorrow.  The deep desire to hold a baby in your arms. To hear the late night cries for feeding. Yet, instead you hear silence.  Your arms are empty and so is your heart. There may be anger or hopelessness. There may be sorrow and grieving. For the loss of the one you will never hold. The loss of one you will never watch grow old. The loss of your name never spoken on their lips. Those little lips that will never be kissed. Little hands never outstretched wide. Little arms never flung wildly from side to side. No heart-beat. No breath. No Mother’s Day gift

Remember this, though your arms are empty and your heart is broken, there are still small ones to love.  You may have friends or family who have children, shower them with your love. Pour your love into those little vessels of spunk and wildness. Freely give of your time and energy. It is a way to enjoy the gift of life.

Today is also a day we celebrate you.  You are a mother in your heart and this day is hard. To you sweet, sad, broken-hearted mommy, we say


Mother’s Day.


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