Peace! Be Still!

In preparing to leave for a trip, there are so many things to be before one can leave. With a family it’s not as easy as just packing my bags and heading out the door. All the rooms need to be cleaned up. All the chores need to be done. Menu needs to be planned and food needs to be purchased.  Living on the farm adds an extra amount of work. Animals feed needs to be purchased. Chickens, cats and dogs all have to be cared for. Then, and only then, can I think about leaving. It seems like there’s a tidal wave of emotion my house!  I looked up tidal wave in the Webster’s dictionary,


This just about describes how I’m feeling this morning. Trying to get the kids ready for school, trying to do things that are sweet only to be received in a way that hurt my feelings. Stress caused by just the basic morning routines. This is the tidal wave of my morning. Yet this is not where Jesus wants me to stay. He gives us each the opportunity to get into the boat. The boat is His peace and escape from the floods of life that seek to draw us in and drown us. It is the freedom from the tidal wave that is coming to destroy us and His freedom from what we’re wallowing in. Whether it be fear, or circumstances, or grief, or self pity. Our work load may be out of control and insane!
He says in Psalm 89:9, “You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, you still them.” He has this! He is in full control over everything that is going on right now in our lives. Even when it seems like we’re drowning, we’re not. Jesus is there. Just as He stretched out His hand for Peter who walked on the water to him, Jesus reaches out His hand and pulls us out of the ocean, out from the tidal wave that looms, and puts us on the deck of His boat. We are safe. We are protected. So regardless of the situations that we are in, we are safe in Him. We can rest in the protection He offers us.
So rest in knowing that He commands the seas with His voice In Mark 4:39,


2 thoughts on “Peace! Be Still!

  1. Thanks for the reminder! I so hear you on the endless list of to-dos. Laundry, tidy house, everything packed, animals, papers, devices and charge cords, the endless snack demands filled… Right with you! 😉

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