The Fog

One of the girls has to be at work anywhere from 6:15 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., as she is a football trainer.  Logistically it made sense for me to take her so that Sammy and the other girls didn’t have to leave a full hour early to get to school and I would head to work a little bit early. (Or a lot early.)

She has been able to do all of her night driving and some of her day time driving during this time.  Sometimes she sleeps! Surprise! She’s a teenager.

One morning after I dropped her off and headed on to work, the fog was so intense that I just couldn’t see.  I had to slow down and drive so cautiously. It was a strange feeling to turn corners that I have turned on the back country roads before.  Strange that I knew there were stop lights ahead, but through the fog and mist, they were unseen.


I turned one bend in the road and saw a brand new SUV surrounded by police cars.  It had hit a tree.  My first thought as I was waved on was a prayer for the people in the vehicle. I also prayed for the safety of the policeman who were there.

Our lives are like that.  We know the direction we are heading, but we don’t know when a new change of life may come, or if there is a new struggle to face.  We don’t know if we are going to crash into something unseen that can be a major problem for us which may cause a painful, life altering stop.

He is there in the darkness and struggle. He knows what we need before we need it.  Just as the policeman was slowing me down to safely avoid the accident, God guides us through life’s obstacles and challenges.


Stop when you get to the light if it’s red. Don’t blow through God’s no thinking you know better!

Listen to directions for safety. If He is in the situation, listen to His voice and do as He says.

Slow down and seek Him for guidance through this earthly fog! He always knows where we are even though we may not!


Love you,


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