I toyed with different ideas for a blog post name.  “TOADally Shocking” or “Caught in a Trap” or “Why would she bring a toad into my house?” I settled on just “WHY”

Well, let me just say that at 11:30 pm when you are in that in between bliss of awake and asleep, a shrill ear-piercing scream and a knock on our bedroom door, awakened my husband and annoyed me!

“MOM! DAD!  There is a toad in this bucket!” My first question to my middle child was, “Why do you have a toad in your room at 11:30 at night?”  She responded saying it wasn’t her and she just heard a flopping around and didn’t know what it was. She leaned over her bed and screamed because there it was in all its glory, an old toad.  Her cat was enthralled, and our daughter grabbed it and ran to our room to tell us.  I wondered why she just didn’t put it outside and tell us in the morning, but this was need to know!

I said it was probably the youngest child because I had seen her playing with two toads right before bed.  Yes. You read that right. TWO toads.

I went to bed after asking the youngest daughter if she brought a toad into the house and put it in her sister’s room.  In her sleepy sweet voice she said, “No! Why would I put it in her room? That would be dumb!” and she fell back to sleep.

Fortunately, my sweet hubby went back to sleep and I sat up and talked with our eldest for a bit.

This morning I was up at 5:45 doing my workout, making breakfast and I heard a screechy thumpy noise.  At first I thought it was coming from our refrigerator because it was in that area.  (We recently had a little tiny mouse that was caught and taken care of.)  I left a trap out for good measure.  I looked down and saw a toad leg trying to escape the side of the fridge area.  Yes. It was a toad stuck on a glue trap!  UGH!

I went back to her room as she lay there so peacefully and I asked her again in a different way, “Did you bring toads into the house?” “UM. No.” She answered sleepily.  Then the thought hit me, “Sweetie, if you were to bring a toad into the house, where would you hide them?” “In my windowsill.” was her reply.  There in her windowsill was the empty box that housed the “mother and son” toads from last night.  Of course, it was empty, minus the old sock that was to be their comfortable bed.  I hear her under the blankets, “Man! I knew I should have taped the box shut!” I told her that toads belong outside and she let me know that she wanted them to be safe from being killed by birds.  Long story short, the toad was saved safely from the trap. BOTH toads were released outside.  Sleep was stolen and a lesson was learned.


Good night and good morning mother and son toads.  You are free to live outside my home!!!!!

I am ready for a nap!

Love y’all!



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