5 bucks and a pair of boots.

I was praying the other day because Sammy had a need for a pair of work boots. The 8-9 year old pair that he had just lost their sole. ( I know this because I was working in the garden the other day and found it!!! Buried! He must have lost it when he was tilling.)

I went with very little money to the three thrift stores in town and of course got a little more disappointed each time when there weren’t any boots to buy. I prayed again, “Lord, Sammy wears a size 11 boot. Please provide for him.”

The final store I went into, I found one pair of boots in his size! They are “vintage” Vibram hiking boots! vibram bootsI knew they were an expensive pair because they were made in Italy, but I had NO idea that I got such amazing boots for 5 BUCKS!  God does stuff like that all the time. He cares about each detail and knows all of our needs, He just waits for us to ask so He can show us HOW He will provide all of our needs according to His riches in glory. (Philippians 4:19 “And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Philippians+4%3A19&version=NASB)  

God cares about all of our needs.

Even a pair of size 11 boots 🙂

Bless ya friends!


The Amazing Adventures of Mrs. Farmer Girl and Mrs. Candy

I was out checking the garden and saw these giant purple things that had fallen to the ground. Being the curious person I am I broke it open and the dog jumped up to grab it. Thus, realizing, “Hey, I might be able to eat that.” It smells sweet and is super juicy and the bright, vivid color of a beet.

So, after a few minutes of research,  “Mrs. Farmer Girl” as she asked me to call her and myself, “Mrs. Candy” set out on a prickly pear hunting adventure.prickly pear sorbet 001

Of course, no outing would be acceptable without dressing up just a little!  I always wear my hat in the sun but hers was a bit over sized. 🙂

Accessories are everything!

prickly pear sorbet 003

A new friend nearby encouraged us.prickly pear sorbet 004While taking this photo, Mrs. Farmer Girl decided now would be a good time to play with the cactus, so this picture was a bit rushed as I had to do extractions.

prickly pear sorbet 005

So we finished our search with a small load. We went to the kitchen and prepared our delightful goody for sorbet.

prickly pear sorbet 006You do have to take precautions because they have little spines that are quite painful.

prickly pear sorbet 007Mrs. Farmer Girl didn’t touch them, she just sprayed them 🙂

prickly pear sorbet 008

prickly pear sorbet 009Cut them in half and scoop out the center with a spoon.

We whipped them in the blender, strained the seeds (at Mrs Farmer Girl’s request and poured what remained into our ice cream maker. The Recipe we used was from http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/george-duran/prickly-pear-sorbet-recipe/index.html.

Out of pocket expense…

1/2 cup sugar 🙂

I did not save the skins for serving, I used a beautiful piece of my china instead:)

prickly pear sorbet 011

Mrs. Farmer Girl loved her portion. I am saving mine for later 🙂

prickly pear sorbet 012

Thus ended the exciting adventures of… Mrs. Farmer Girl and Mrs. Candy

Our next adventure may come sooner than I think!

Re-purposed shower curtain and unusual Bedroom makeover.

Today on one of our outings, we went to a few thrift stores which are so fun!~ Even my 3 lovely young ladies enjoy them. (for a limited time only.:) I found 3 pair of name brand slacks for my DH for 10 cents each  WITH the dry cleaning tags on still. I found books for my preschooler for 10 cents each totaling $1.40.

On our way home, I drove by a sign that said free in front of some furniture. I put Brutus, my truck, in reverse and I grabbed a chair, and this mirrored window.

moon bedroom 081

I recycled an old frame and turned one of my daughter’s art pieces into a tray on which I placed the mirrored window. The bird was in my bathroom, so I grabbed her. The bottle I found one day while I was digging in the dirt.  I used my Cricut mini cutter to make flowers and leaves (idea from allyou.com) out of blue scrapbook paper and attached them with small pieces of wire, hot glue, and a few buttons for the flower centers. My husband and I walked the property to find just the right branch to spray paint white for my indoor blue flowering tree. 🙂

moon bedroom 093

I LOVED a shower curtain that a friend gave me but could not find a place for it in our house until I was gifted with bedspread set. So I covered my cushioned footstool with part of it and used the last of the fabric from the clean shower curtain to make a cover for a body pillow.moon bedroom 094

I hand stitched the pillow case because the tiny machine I was using, broke! It took some time, but I didn’t want to leave it undone. (and I told my husband he couldn’t come in until I was done.)

So there you have my Re-purposed shower curtain and unusual Bedroom makeover.

Use what you have or find to make something new and exciting!


‘Egg’cellent gift


I had spent my grocery money for the week and I was egg rationing until Friday to get some more. I was down to 3. 🙂 

What would you have done?

A. Cry

B. Pray

C. Wait until the next week’s cash to flow in.

D. Ration

E. Go buy more eggs even though you didn’t have cash.

F. B, C and D

Well I did F.  We have a pretty tight budget so I just waited, prayed and rationed. I never thought I would get eggs delivered!  My husband came home from work with 3 dozen eggs today not knowing that we were in an egg drought. So I thought it was pretty cool that God heard my not really request, He saw that I was honoring my husband by not using the debit card to buy anything until next week and now we have been given eggs. Pretty stinkin cool!!

Thank You for always providing our needs!

Philippians 4:1

Whole lotta shoppin goin on

Last week I purchased 9 pounds of zucchini and yellow squash for 3 dollars. 15 pounds of apples for 5 dollars, 6 pounds of oranges for 2 dollars and 3 pounds of red peppers for a dollar. WOOHOO!!

Get ready food processor. Here comes some food!


camera pics 217

I also went into a new old thrift store to check around and found 50 plus canning jars for less than $10!  YAY!

camera pics 080


Happy bargain hunter out!

Homemade pizza and Ramen Noodles?


Every week or two I make homemade pizza and my family LOVES pizza! 🙂  The dough I used is a link above and I add garlic powder and Italian Herbs and a little extra salt to the mix.   I have a family of five who all eat very heartily and there are not many leftovers at the end of each meal.  A few weeks ago my middle daughter picked the volunteer lettuce leaves from the garden, cut tomatoes and other veggies and made a salad. (There was a bit of a mess from her surprise kitchen experience but she did clean it up.) 🙂  A dear friend decided to stop by right at dinner time so as dinner was on the table, I was scrambling for what to add to the table to fill those hungry tummies.  We had not gotten any groceries at this point because it was at the end of our 11-12 weeks with no pay check.

I have never been a lover of Ramen Noodles, though my kids are super enthusiastic when it comes to chowing down on those babies! A friend of mine said she served Ramen Noodles with Spaghetti sauce and I had some of both.  YIPPEEE!  3 minutes later, thanks to the hot pot, my water was boiling and the noodles were a soakin!  I added some spaghetti sauce after they were drained, left off the powdered flavor and Viola! An added side dish sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese and everyone was happy and full at the end.

Be creative. Be resourceful. Be full! 🙂

not just another cake!

With summer time comes a lot of questioning.

What are we going to do today?

What is there to do?

Why is today so boring?

To do something different and completely inexpensive,  we made a cake.  Not just your normal old boring yellow cake, but a swirly, pretty cake. 🙂

I poured the cake batter into a cookie sheet and added drops of food coloring.

I then handed them a toothpick and said, “Play!”  They did very happily for about 15 minutes. 🙂  We had a lot of fun and got to eat a yummy treat too.

Burnt cheese pizza.

I am so blessed to be able to be a stay-at-home mother and wife.  My husband works very hard providing all that we need. We are so fortunate to never go without.  On payday I purchased 3 frozen pizzas with a coupon and the kids were sooooooo excited!  We do get treats like that every now and then, but because it is not an every day thing, they look forward to them tremendously. 

 As I placed the cheese pizza in the oven, I remembered that one of the children needed help with school. Then the little one had a diaper change and the load of laundry needed to be switched. Yes, I am sure you know where I am heading with this. The cheese on pizza burned because I forgot to turn on the timer on.  I thought, “Man, I can’t believe this!” So I did what every creative mother does. I covered the burnt cheese with shredded cheese! 🙂  My eldest and my youngest ate the pizza with gusto, while the middle one spoke saying, “Mom this cheese tastes burnt.”  Well I told her that it was and she decided not to eat it. 

There were no leftovers but she was a little disappointed.  The moral to my story will come I promise. 🙂  Putting shredded cheese over the top of burnt pizza does not change the fact that the cheese underneath is still burnt.  I thought I could hide it and they could just eat it. Even though it didn’t taste too burnt, it was still burnt. 

What things am I hiding under the “Shredded Cheese”? What earthly things am I trying to use to cover the unattractive things on my outer appearance to protect me from being seen by others? Am I wearing a mask?  What am I trying to hide from God? God loves us with all our imperfections and flaws and He cares deeply about the pain under the surface. 

In 1 Samuel God wanted Samuel to choose a King for Israel. So obviously all people want someone who is good looking and tall. Handsome and intelligent.  I Samuel 16:7 (NIV) But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance,but the Lord looks at the heart.” http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=1+Samuel+16%3A7&version=NIV. God had other plans. He wanted the shepherd boy. We are are all worthwhile!  Today in society, appearance is so flaunted and worshipped that those with any flaw feel worthless.  That is not so!  We are created in God’s image and He loves us no matter what we look like. We are beautiful in His eyes.  So today know one thing. You are fearfully and wonderfully created as Psalm 139:14 reads. http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=psalm%20139:14&version=NIV.   We are to love Him fully and be devoted to Him, following His Word and doing the best that we can with His help! So don’t be afraid to let people see past the “burnt cheese”!

Wow! Look at those veggies!

Why not plant a garden my husband and I said to ourselves? We tilled up the side yard that we never used, and timed the sun to decide where to plant the veggies. So many times I go to the store to buy my food.  Now to my garden I go to get what has grown after a few months of tending.  It is fun to get down on the ground and pick my green beans for dinner from our bean bushes!  I love lifting the squash leaves to check for our beautiful golden squash.  Radishes, potatoes, beans and squash. Dirt under the nails I have to wash. These are a few of my garden fresh foods. I can’t wait to cook them and serve them for us. (If you kinda sing the song from Sound of Music “These are a Few of my Favorite Things” it make this last sentences better.)  Well, maybe not better! That is beside the point.  I am so thankful for our food it just made me want to sing! 

Here is what I have to serve to my family!

What a blessing!