Perfect Peace and Rest

Perfect peace and rest. I put that daily to the test.

When abiding in You, your peace surrounds, comes flooding through.

If I fall, You are there. You have proven that You care.

In my darkness, You are light. Protect me through the fiercest fight.

In my sorrow, you catch my tears. You wipe my wounds and bind up fears.

You are present night and day. Even if the earth gave way.

You are rock and shield to me. You draw me safely near to Thee.



You Oh Lord Are Faithful

Though the storms of life are pressing in regardless of any truth or sin. The rains come and the wind blows, but you oh Lord are faithful.

Broken hearts lay shattered there, it seems that no one will ever care. The tears and weeping last all night, but joy comes in the morning

Disappointment creeps in to the soul. Turning the heart black like coal. Eyes are clouded with the pain, but your love endures forever.

Your truth rushes in to the hidden den into which I have been buried. Your hands outstretched, your arms open wide, You will never leave me.


Do I base my opinion on what other people think?
Do I allow what they say into my heart to sink?

Is my merit based on work? Is my life based on fame?
If it is, wow, that would be such a shame.

Useless as a severed limb lying on the floor.
Doubting, seeking, asking what am I really here for?

Oh God instill in me a passion and a zest,
for this life you have given me, I truly am well blessed.

I think I have a listening ear.
Am I trusting you? Will I persevere?

Your plan I feel so strong one day
can nearly be swayed by one another day.

Yet here I am waiting for you please
confirm what I should do.

In that waiting let me wait
with patience, kindness, that is how I will pray it.

Where am I God? I can’t see where?
I look into the mirror and I stare.

Who are you there before me?
A woman waiting to be what I should be.

I long for solace in my heart,
Lord start today, please help me start.

To be motivated in all I do.
To work my guts out just for You.

On the roller coaster, its up and down.
Once a smile now a frown.

The fear that follows bind it up
Lord fill me up,please fill my cup.

My heart hurts and aches so.
Let your peace upon me flow.

Deepest water rushing in
cleansing me from hurt and sin.

Let your truth be evident
Let your peace be prevalent.

In My Anger Based on Matthew 21

In My Anger
Based on Matthew 21
By: Tara Young

In my anger do I sin?
You know I am boiling deep within.

When I don’t get what I think I need,
I am overcome with greed.

Greed to get what I want,
not just so that I can flaunt.

But when they don’t do what I say,
and life just doesn’t go my way.

Why can’t they just listen to me?
I am trying to train them to be.

Young ladies who will work for good.
To honor God because they should.

Not just because I am in charge,
but in the grand scheme of life, obedience is large.

It transfers from us to Him.
May their hearts not be swayed by sin.

Their hearts not like aged, hardwood,
but to be pliable as it should.

Lord, let my heart be one with You.
May my heart be strong and true.

Drive out the “money changers” in my heart.
Clean it and give me a fresh start.

My life is Yours, let me be,
an example for my children to see.

How Your love washes clean and pure.
Giving strength to endure.

The struggles of every day life,
In my journey as mother and wife.

Let my heart bask in Your purity.
Let me be with You in unity.

Not to me…Inspired by Psalm 115

Not to me Oh Lord, but to You is all praise and glory due.
Your steadfast faithful love burns fierce and true.

You are in Heaven doing as You please,
While I worship earthly idols with ease.

They have no hands no mouth no eyes,
Yet I turn to them and it’s You I despise

O Lord, when I fear, You alone are my shield.
I trust in You I fully yield.

When I remember You, You will bless.
I need to be content with a whole lot less.

Do I need a bunch more stuff?
Making my heart not tender but tough?

When I don’t get what others have, am I joyful and glad,
Or do I become a recluse who is sad.

O God let me see what I need most is You.
You provide it’s what you do.

You love to bless me with the tools to live.
I am then able to share and to give.

If I ask not I have not as you have stated,
It is not a fact to be debated.

So why am I ungrateful and want all the more?
Because of this I miss the blessings You have in store.

I’m blinded by life and what it offers.
Fill up my barns and fill the coffers.

“It’s me you should desire my child and Me alone
My Son shines and your way is shown.

Humble yourself and fall to your knees.
Take sight of my creation but don’t worship the trees.

See how they bow and wave in the wind?
That is the way your will should bend.

To My call alone should your ears turn and take note.
Walk in my garden so pure and remote.

Bask in My glory child accept what I’m bringing.
Don’t forget My daughter, I rejoice over you with singing.”

Am I Truly Thankful

Am I truly thankful for all that you have done. How often through my day do I ungraciously run. Allowing pessimistic thoughts to flow through my veins expecting productivity when what I speak comes out in negativity. Criticism first to my tongue, It should be dripping peace to each and every Young.

Am I truly thankful for all that You have done? The puppies that lay squirming from that little stray. You have given them to us to brighten up our day. Even if there are 8 your timing is never late!

Am I truly thankful for all that you have done? For my spouse after 6 months we were married, through years of coaching life was harried. Now a calm You have placed upon us. His being home is a bonus and a plus.

Am I truly thankful for all that you have done? The messes all around me Lord are so frustrating! Where is this peace that You afford? That is when you plainly say, “I answered your prayer for a family that day.”

Am I truly thankful for all that you have done? If I took the time to write all of the things You have done for me, I would be here all day long. You have blessed me with the gift of song. Yet another gift you gave. God help me daily to behave.

Am I truly thankful for all that you have done? My being at times a challenge can be, but yet again, you placed me exactly where you want me. Encouraging, loving, shepherding and listening. I can see your brow on the cross was glistening. With the love You poured out, your very life. Help me to see life as a blessing not just filled with strife.

Am I truly thankful for all that you have done?Let this day be in me which was also in Christ. Let me be last and You be first. Let my heart beam and with Your love, let it burst. Let it overflow. Let words of peace around me glow.

God, go before me this I pray. Go before me this new day. Let me see Your hand of power, reach every one of us this very hour.

I am truly thankful for all that you have done.

A Dare of a Prayer – Will you take the challenge?


Help me as I walk down this very daunting path.
Change my heart now filled with anger and wrath.

God show me how to love like You.
To encourage in the way that is true.

Show me Father how to love.
How to encourage my children, not mentally shove.

Them away from a loving embrace,
but to run the heavenly race.

In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen

At times, parenting can feel so daunting and discouraging. Life catches up to us and we get frustrated with responsibility. It can be so easy to just say, go turn on the tv and let mommy (or daddy) think.  Yet, they just want to be loved, hugged, and encouraged just as we do. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 says, “Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.
This should be our goal outside the home and inside the home. Regardless of situations, regardless of what life throws at us. Home is the place to run home and feel safe.

I dare us to pray that God changes our hearts, not to be annoyed, but to love as He does.

Praying today!


Your Presence

Your Presence

By Tara Young

Into Your presence I humbly approach. A sinner who has been seeking, searching running.

I am hurt, broken, wounded bleeding profusely, yet this is something I keep repeating repeating repeating.

You see this brokenness in me is caused by a single source. A single source of which there is no escape.


Defiled by my own negative words shredding me apart. Words not often spoken aloud but played in my head over and over and over again. I need to press stop but my mind keeps playing repeating things I would never say to another human being.


To myself, I bathe willingly in the acid rain of self-hatred, condemnation, negativity that steals away any tranquility brought to my heart from You.

My heart, a fickle thing why I do not lay it at Your feet to have Your way. I give up and beat it and then repeat, repeat repeat.

But this is not your plan for me. NO. Your Scripture unmistakably laid it out for me. If I only crack open this book of liberty.

Your Word is a light upon my path and a lamp unto my feet. It is delicious, freeing, heart changing, sweet.

I partake of the promises I bask therein, You give me hope, refreshment and forgiveness of sin.

So I will search I will seek I will hunt in this gift to me so in doing so I can see the ways you absolutely love and cherish me.

Fully drenched in Your blood. Washed pure as the whitest snow. Covered in a garment of praise. I see me as a reflection through Your eyes of love.

A Father’s love. Often not received on this earth. But love from my heavenly father who is always perfect, always generous, always forgiving.

I am a child whom You love

A child You adore.

A child you discipline.

A child You rejoice over with singing.

When You are covering me with Your feathers, I am held in the palm of Your hand. From there, no one can pluck me no one can take me. No one can harm me.

You my Father, envelop, encompass, encircle me in your shadow shield me with Your blood while I bask in the beauty of your presence. I am never alone.

There is No where I can run, nowhere to hide nowhere You are not. I can’t run from your existence.

Because in your presence is fullness of joy. In Your holy presence You are my portion. In Your presence, your strength is made perfect in my weakness.

I seek Your will.

Shatter my will to allow yours to invade, occupy, overrun. Mold my will, sculpt it, shape it Oh this is not fun.

Break down the walls of foolish pride that I have been storing selfishly inside. Purge the cupboards and closets of my soul of hidden secrets, sins untold. To make room for You glorious Father.

Let me find rest at Your nail scarred feet. Sustain me, treasure me, maintain me. Show me Your will for my life.

Let Your perfect will be done. In me, around me through me because of me.

May our will be done in spite of me. Because Your kingdom will come. It will come. One day thank You God! It will come.

Oh God without You.

Oh God without you I am nothing,

yet I try to portray that I am something.

When I walk alone without you,

I am a terrible failure when I try to do.


The daily things in life which are tough.

Without your word it is quite rough.

I think I can do it on my own,

Love these children that are on loan.


Yet often I look at them I feel a loss.

when I fail to lead them to your cross.

I get in the way and want to be kind.

But sometimes I feel like I am losing my mind.


The control I seek comes not from me.

Without you I’m not the woman I should be.

Stir my heart with your love and grace.

Let your love shine upon my face.


Demonstrate to me how to grow their hearts

Even if they are little farts         

     oops… continue below. 🙂

I pray their love for You early starts.

God aid me as I strive to care.

Assist me as I empty Your cup to share

18 years ago

We just celebrated 18 years of marriage in June and this was my yearly thought typed out 🙂 (not all depressing peeps.)

18 Years ago today your wife I was ready to become.

To fulfill my lifelong dreams and build our home.

To bear children, wipe noses and cheer you from the sidelines.

Little did I know that was not God’s plan. Not that I expected easy street, but this was NOT my chosen path.

Never in my unlimited understanding of coaching did I realize I would see you so infrequently, move three times in 5 years as you pursued your dreams across the state of Texas. I had no idea!

Never in my wildest dreams did I think God would lead us on an adventure to Nairobi, Kenya. Across the plains over oceans to walk tentatively through the adoption of our first child while we grieved the loss of three babies.

Never in my imagination could I have foreseen being presented an infant while we looked at each other with shock and joy as she was laid in our arms. 

There on a voice mail, was the call about our third. Shock and joy present again as we heard about her on August 3 and brought her home August 10th!

Moving again. Surprise? No, not really. Who knew we would move more than 10 times?! A small house, a large house and now our little slice of Texas.

Passion. Pain. Tears. Laughter.

Never in my life did I expect such a beautiful puzzle being lovingly put together by God as we wait in expectation to see what He will do next.