17 years ago today.

17 years ago today, God opened the door and paved the way. I wore my mother’s dress that day.


Walking with my hand in my father’s, he was giving away his only daughter’s.


My parents entrusted my heart to yours preparing to walk through many doors.


Humble vows tender words recited.


Oh my goodness I was so excited! Being one with you had been decided.


17 years of ups and downs.

17 years of laughter and frowns.

17 years of sorrows and joys.

17 years floors now littered with toys.

If I were to return to this same time, I would still make you mine.


Trepidation and excitement too, 17 years and I still choose you.

 Happy Anniversary my love.

16 Years ago

16 years ago I became your wife.  You took me to so many wild places in this life. Dallas, Del Rio, and Africa too. I would gladly repeat every year with you.  I am thankful that you’re mine out to dinner we did dine. What a blessing you are my dear I can’t wait until next year.

I am so thankful to have married a wonderful man. Bless you sweet husband!

This photo has a copy of my invitation that was given as a gift. It is an amazing reminder 🙂