A baby, a dragon or a tree?

My 2 youngest children were saying their prayers tonight. My 7 year old said, “Dear Lord, thank you for mommy and daddy and be with Sierra at camp help her to have fun at camp… AND LORD NO BABY BROTHER!” My 3 year old prayed, “Dear Lord, thank you for mommy and daddy, have fun for sissy at camp and give me a baby brother, sister, and a dragon and a tree. In Jesus name, Amen!” Hmmm which one do I choose… dragon or baby or a tree?? I have never had a dragon! I think I will choose that!! 🙂

God does answer our prayers. To some He says yes. To some He says no. To some He says not right now!

I am walking in a dream

I am walking in a dream where I can’t see the light. I am waiting for an answer but it will not come tonight.

I see a new-born baby, not sure if it is mine. We will wait oh Lord and walk this crooked line.

In my dreams and when I wake. Is it real or is it fake.

It seems so clear, so cloudy too. Is this real? Is this true?

We wait for You dear Lord to speak. Help that babe for it is weak.

Be with its mother on this day. Help her Lord I do pray.

Guide her. Heal her. Protect her Lord. Praying together in one accord.

They are yours each child born. Let them not all stay forlorn.