“Flour of Blessing” ?????


So, I am making bread today.  I reached up to get my flour and it fell and made a VERY big mess.  Inara rushed in saying, “OH NO THE WORLD IS RUINED!” Just a little flour babe.  No big deal 🙂 Though an hour later the bread has not risen… flatter loaves this week!

God has a sense of humor!

At our Sunday services, the pastor has been going over the Lord’s Prayer. We are teaching it to the kids and we are breaking it down into “bite-sized” pieces for them to learn as we teach them what it means.

As I was looking at my yummy bread that I have been thrilled to make,  (seriously it is fun)  I realized that I needed to make more bread!  So I prayed, “Lord, give us this day our daily bread.”

About 20 minutes later, one of my sweet neighbors knocked on the door with a loaf of bread in her hand and said, “I got this for free with something I purchased at the store. Would you like it?”

I didn’t laugh out loud, but inside I just chuckled because God had my neighbor deliver me some bread!

God is good 🙂