Clean House.

ImageIt is official. Our house is on the market. The house has been prepared for showing, but I still have 3 kids and a dog. How in the world am I going to keep this house clean???  One room at a time!

 I was given a mug from Mary Engelbreit that says, “PRINCESS OF QUITE A LOT” for Christmas a few years ago when it really should have said “QUEEN OF CLUTTER”!

I am not sure why, but I have been a clutter bug all of my life and it is something that is not easily overcome.  Here are a few things I have done to try to cut the clutter and prepare for the showings.

1. Put stuff away as soon as I am done using it. Logical thing for sure but hard to do when I get distracted.

2. Put a covered tub in each room so I can just throw the kids things in quickly and leave the house and after the showing, put their toys away.

3. Use the same dish all day with washing and putting it away immediately.

4. Pray a whole lot!

 Our house has not shown yet, but I have a good feeling that the showings will be begin soon. So I am excitedly expectant as we begin the process of selling our home. Say a few prayers for our family. It is hard to pack and move. It is hard to say goodbye to beloved neighbors. It is tough to help the kids understand why we are being obedient to God. This I know. God will provide. God is my help. God is a God of order!

Lord, today, if we have things in our lives that need to be dealt with, help us to draw them into the light so that you can purge our hearts and our lives to make us ready to “show”. Help us to be a good example for you not just hiding stuff in boxes to deal with later. Let us truly invite You in to clean our homes where you reside. Our hearts. In Jesus name. Amen 

(I borrowed this picture from  It is not my work but solely theirs.)