A chainsaw in 4th or 5th grade? That was a long time ago!

Fact finding mission #2 about my dad (and God’s protection)…
As the kids sat wide eyed about story time at lunch with Boobah, He said, “Well, I can tell you about the time I ruined a pair of brand new boots.”

I was thinking mud or something dirty… but alas he continued.

“I got my first chain saw when I was 4-5th grade and I was up helping my dad cut some trees. It bounced off the tree and split my new boot right from the heel to the top. The amazing thing is that God protected me because it didn’t even cut my sock! The cost to repair the boot was almost as much as the pair of boots brand new. They were about 12-15 dollars back then.”

God never ceases to amaze me!~

The man I call dad

We have recently moved in my with folks after the sale of our home. It has been such a huge blessing!!! We have big family meals, family bike rides and family movie nights.  Today was the first day since we moved in that my dad, who is retired, shared stories from his childhood. I wanted the kids to get to know him better since he will not be around forever. No one is guaranteed tomorrow.  He started to share his crazy little kid stories.  I never expected to hear that as a 4 year old, his dad bought him and old car and he took the whole thing apart with a screw driver, a monkey wrench and one other tool that I can’t remember.  I didn’t know that he started driving a jeep on the farm at 5 years old. I also learned that when he was in fifth or sixth grade he put and engine in that same jeep.

Then there were the stories of chamber pots, outhouses and laundry!

Today, intending my children to learn about my dad, I gleaned a great deal about the man I call dad.