quote from the preschooler

“Sweetie, you need to close the garden gate so Angel won’t go in and roll on the vegetables.” (Angel, our crazy springer spaniel, loves to roll on green beans and other vines.)

She responds so seriously,Why don’t you post a ‘No dogs in the garden’ sign mom.”

To which I held my chuckles inside and said, “Dogs can’t read, so you need to be responsible and shut the gate.”  “OK mom. I will.” 

Sweet 4-year-old logic at its best!

Happy day to y’all!


Before and after

Life always changes when you move. Before the move, things kinda got me down.before farm


After the move, I was energized to do new things.

on the farm

I have found this to be true for myself.  I garden, tend chickens, make bread and many other things I did not enjoy before.  I am thankful for the changes God has brought into my life.

I feel content.

I feel free.

A magnificent blissful place

In that position between slumbering and awake is a magnificent blissful place.

Not awake and not asleep but hanging in a mental hammock, rocking back and forth.

A new day dawns and I hear voices and sounds in the remoteness.

The day is calling and the nighttime shadows flee. Quiet bliss is fading swiftly.

Duty beckons. Fingers placed in the socket of my eye. “Are you awake?”

 Eyes open. Eyes close. Just 5 more minutes I plead without vocalization.

“I’m just hungry my tummy says.” The dog pounces on to the heap of me.

Bark! Bark! Bark! Tranquility vanquished.

Sleep; you have run away! I will meet you once more at the end of my day.