Watching and feeling the refining process I know it’s supposed to be painful God.

But watching and feeling the refining process is utterly taking my breath away.

My spirit and heart are in anguish and sorrow, yet quitting is not an option for me.

Finding my solace in Your arms so holy, is something I haven’t done for some time.

Running and running a little hamster on my wheel. All I’m doing is running out of time.

My day is so full of activity and wildness, yet I don’t make time for Your Word.

Your arms open wide waiting for me to join You. You soothingly draw me in with Your shepherd’s staff.

Please child just listen to my wisdom and my peace you’ll find when you follow my plan.

But God what am I to do while I’m waiting? Waiting for change as You refine me God.

You rest, seek, and listen to what I am saying. I have never let you down before.

I have a plan so grand so perfect, but run ahead of me and your heart will break.

Will you today listen to the truth that I tell you? Will you choose to pick up your cross?

Will you bow your head and your knee to me? Will you come follow me when I call?

I am calling but laborers are few. Are you choosing to walk on My road?

Let me dig into your heart yet another time and pull from its depths a painful thorn.

A thorn you have kept there for far too long it has wrapped ‘round your heart, and pierced your song.

Freedom will come when you let me in. To free you from this pride that’s a sin.

Bandaged and bleeding no room left for that sin. I am going to take it from here.

See my head, my hands my side? You are the reason your Savior died.

I have loved you with an everlasting love. I gave up my life and left Heaven above.

To seek and to save those who were lost. My life, my everything was what it cost.

Empty that tomb was on the third day. For your sins I did willingly pay.

So for you to sit and pity yourself is a waste of My time and it hurts My heart.

I have a job for you to do and when you’re ready you’ll enthusiastically pursue it.

Now for today take your rest in Me. Only then will you be truly free.

Free to laugh and free to be you which is exactly what you’re intended to do.

Be the you I’ve created dear one. Let down your guard and have some fun.

Love your babies and your mate. Find My truth that the harvest is great.

Be my laborer in this exciting adventure. Watch the darkness flee as you follow Me.