Hey You!

Hey YOU!who meWho me? Yes you!  Why are you talking about other people?

in the dirtRolling around in someone else’s dirt.

garden gossipSharing juicy gossip about someone else.


pest controlGet out of there.

walk awayDon’t stay with the crowd because it makes you feel better about yourself.

keep your head up

Walk away with your head held high.

dont be chicken

Don’t be chicken about it either!

Message from Young Family Farm Chickens and Guineas.

A gossip goes around telling secrets, so don’t hang around with chatterers.

Proverbs 20:19 NLV


NEVER! EVER! Sleep in. Saturday morning humor

Before I post this… just know that the lesson was learned! NEVER.EVER. Sleep in.
This morning, the kids were quiet as we slept in. (which is NEVER)
Tk bursts in at 8:15 saying, “Daddy, is now a good time for you to fix the chicken coop door?” Sammy’s says, ‘Are the chickens out?’ as he bolts upright in bed. “Nah, Sierra is holding the door til you get out there. I have to pee so, bye.” Sammy fixed the door and Sierra meandered in. I asked her if she fed Angel and she answered, “Yes, I fed her. Remember I told you that Tekoa found a frog? Then she had it in her room playing with it?” Um no, I don’t recall that. Then I walked into the laundry room that was littered with yellow flowers and Inara said, “Mommy, I put them in there because they were so pretty.” Well dear one, we don’t leave flowers all over the floor. Take them outside. Then as I was making coffee. I put the filter in, coffee too and realized I forgot to put that other thing in. The part that holds the filter. Fixed that, turned on the pot and started breakfast. I turned back around after a moment to see that I had not put the pot in! AH! 🙂 Good Saturday morning 🙂 Blessings and full belly laughs I pray for you!

Confessions from a Country Girl

I grew up on a dairy farm in Idaho, though I never had to do any hard work. I got to play which is great when you are a kid! We left the farm though when I was still young so even though I played in cow poo and mud, I still had a problem with snakes and spiders.

We are now living in my dream home on 7 plus acres and I feel restful. Happy. Fulfilled!

This morning as I was preparing second breakfasts for my daughter while she put on all of her “Goojelery”,  and there was a spider see.

I quickly grabbed a black rubber boot in a quiet freak out mode of, “ew! ew! ew!” and killed that sucker! Then I threw it in the toilet, flushed it smiling a fretful smile of victory as I walked briskly to get my phone.

I texted my Dear Husband and asked what kind of spider it was!

He wrote back, “Was it fuzzy or glossy?”

I wrote back.
said he.

“Glossy probably Black Widow. Fuzzy means probably jumping spider.”

All I know is Spiders in my house with black furry or glossy bodies are not going to make it!

Spider: 0 Country Girl: 1

And that is all about it.