garden beauty



Wow! Look at those veggies!

Why not plant a garden my husband and I said to ourselves? We tilled up the side yard that we never used, and timed the sun to decide where to plant the veggies. So many times I go to the store to buy my food.¬† Now to my garden I go to get what has grown after a few months of tending.¬† It is fun to get down on the ground and pick my green beans for dinner from our bean bushes!¬† I love lifting the squash leaves to check for our beautiful¬†golden squash.¬† Radishes, potatoes, beans and squash. Dirt under the nails I have to wash. These are a few of my garden fresh foods. I can’t wait to cook them and serve them for us.¬†(If you kinda sing the song from Sound of Music “These are a Few of my Favorite Things” it make this last sentences better.) ¬†Well, maybe not better! That is beside the point.¬† I am so thankful for our food it just made me want to sing!¬†

Here is what I have to serve to my family!

What a blessing!