Another Leak

We have a home in the country though we have city water.  It exceeds the pressure limit for our pipes. We have to put the valve on it regulate the pressure to make it stop causing pin hole leaks in the plastic pipes connected to our water heater.

Problem solved.

Well what happens when my man has fixed it, but the valve isn’t working properly? You guessed it! Another leak.

I walked into the laundry room after my workout at 6 am.  I had put a load in the laundry when I went out to the shop at 5:30.  I was stooping down to put the laundry in the dryer when I heard it. I immediately stopped to pull off the water heater door and heard that distinct hissing of the tiny pin-hole leak.  How can something so tiny, cause so much noise and water to spew out and do such damage?

I am uncertain how long it has been leaking, or how extensive the damage, but it has to be fixed.  Bless my husband’s heart.  He gets to fix it again with the replacement part. Not thrilling I assure you!

First, I am thankful for a wonderfully gifted man who is able to do repairs on our home and second, I know there is a lesson here.

How often do we think we have something fixed in our life, only to have it happen again?  We vow that we are done with yelling, or overspending, or overeating. (Insert whatever sin you and I may struggle with here.)  We get help to deal with our issues, and when things seem to be smooth sailing and all is well, we do the thing we didn’t want to do!

We aren’t failures.

We just need to be repaired.

I ask myself, “Am I spending the time listening to what God has for me?” Am I spending time in the Word doing as He instructs? Am I accepting and putting into place the repairs He requires? Do I stop what I am doing to take the time to be a good mom or wife? Do I put my needs on hold to care for someone in my family?

I’m not saying that what I need is less important, nor am I saying my needs don’t matter.  Not by any means. I am simply saying, I may need to stop and fix an issue before I continue my task so there isn’t any more damage done.

The laundry was still waiting for me when I found the leak and tried to deal with it.  Just as my desires will be.

What leaks are you needing to stop and fix today? What things do I need to tend to?

I pray that God will show us so that He can repair us!

Love you!