New School. Ruptured ovarian cyst, ER visit and a room full of family. Part 2

If you have ever had to go to the ER you know that the lines can be well… forever long.  I began praying that the Lord would open up the ER and that the line would be short and that I would be able to get in sooner rather than later.

Dad dropped me off to go park the truck and he and my little one would meet me inside.  I walked through the sliding doors and there was not one person in the waiting room.  Seriously NO ONE WAS AT THE ER WAITING ROOM!!!!!  I signed in as I watched people start pouring in the doors behind me.  In walked my dad and my 3 year old.

The nurses asked the questions, took notes, got the allergy bracelets on and off I went to a room.  The nurse got my IV started and pain meds were not working,  but my tears were! I finally was able to just find a position on my left side that the pain was bearable.  Mom came in and the nurse said it would be 3 or 4 hours before I would be able to get a CT scan because there were so many people needing scans.  I remember praying and asking God to open the CT room so that my kids could get home and do homework and that we wouldn’t have to be there forever. 10 minutes later the nurse was disconnecting my IV telling me that they had several techs come and help so the CT machine was clear for me now. WOW!!! Answered prayers???? YAH! God heard my prayers from the ER last Wednesday.

Finally the doctor was able to read the scan results and confirmed that it was indeed a ruptured Ovarian Cyst and he could see everything.  He said he was going to release me and we were out of there.  My parents took the girls home with them to feed and bathe them and since we are living in their house right now, it made it very convenient!  They gathered all of the things and took them home.  I went to look for my clothes and would you believe I had nothing? HAHAHA. They had accidentally grabbed my clothes on the way out.   So yes I came home in the lovely hospital gown and pink puke bucket.  I was ill all the way home and into the night and next morning. I was not able to keep anything down. The kids of course were scared and nervous and Sammy, my hero, was taking care of getting the girls ready for school, making meals, driving back and forth to work and taking care of my puke bucket when necessary.

It wasn’t until Sunday that I felt even remotely human again. That was one of the MOST painful things I have endured.   Though one time I did wake up during surgery… that was painful.

I Still don’t know any results from the scan as the hospital had not sent my records to my OBGYN.  That Dr. visit is a blog in itself!! Still digesting that one folks. I am recovered and back to work here on the home front.

God is faithful!