Not to me…Inspired by Psalm 115

Not to me Oh Lord, but to You is all praise and glory due.
Your steadfast faithful love burns fierce and true.

You are in Heaven doing as You please,
While I worship earthly idols with ease.

They have no hands no mouth no eyes,
Yet I turn to them and it’s You I despise

O Lord, when I fear, You alone are my shield.
I trust in You I fully yield.

When I remember You, You will bless.
I need to be content with a whole lot less.

Do I need a bunch more stuff?
Making my heart not tender but tough?

When I don’t get what others have, am I joyful and glad,
Or do I become a recluse who is sad.

O God let me see what I need most is You.
You provide it’s what you do.

You love to bless me with the tools to live.
I am then able to share and to give.

If I ask not I have not as you have stated,
It is not a fact to be debated.

So why am I ungrateful and want all the more?
Because of this I miss the blessings You have in store.

I’m blinded by life and what it offers.
Fill up my barns and fill the coffers.

“It’s me you should desire my child and Me alone
My Son shines and your way is shown.

Humble yourself and fall to your knees.
Take sight of my creation but don’t worship the trees.

See how they bow and wave in the wind?
That is the way your will should bend.

To My call alone should your ears turn and take note.
Walk in my garden so pure and remote.

Bask in My glory child accept what I’m bringing.
Don’t forget My daughter, I rejoice over you with singing.”