The Throne or the thrones?

Mother’s day started out superbly!  We were out of town on a trip.
I got to eat a breakfast I did not cook. WOOHOO!
The children and husband were as sweet as could be.
Then I started to feel ill.
It continued on a downward spiral until I spent the majority of mother’s day near the throne. The John. The Loo. The Head.

Of course this morning as I am feeling somewhat better, I questioned the necessity of seeking the throne. Do we seek God only when we are sick?
Do we only long for Him when we feel like we can’t go on with life the way it is?
How often do we only turn to the Lord when we have a need, and spend less time with Him when things are going smoothly?


Do we seek Him daily as a true burning desire to spend time with our maker? He is the one who rejoices over us with singing. The one who loves us with an ever-lasting love.

Are we seeking things of this world that are just meant to be flushed down the toilet, or are you and I seeking things that bring a true and deep relationship with our Heavenly Father? One who longs to show us His truth?
Things of this life are not eternal. Plain and simple. We often spend so much time on things that don’t matter that we forget God has a plan for us. To further His kingdom and not worry so much about what we can get, or buy or even save up for. We want more and more and nothing satisfies. These things just don’t matter. What do I waste time doing? Is it Facebook? Is that taking time away from God? Is it TV?  Computer Time? Reading?  What are we doing to waste the time God has given us? Flushing it away never to be redeemed. Are you and I redeeming our time?

We need to spend more time seeking His Throne and His plans and not the thrones of this world that are just being used to flush endless hours of nothing down the toilet never to be gotten back.

Let’s stop wasting time on things that don’t really matter! 🙂