Your Presence

Your Presence

By Tara Young

Into Your presence I humbly approach. A sinner who has been seeking, searching running.

I am hurt, broken, wounded bleeding profusely, yet this is something I keep repeating repeating repeating.

You see this brokenness in me is caused by a single source. A single source of which there is no escape.


Defiled by my own negative words shredding me apart. Words not often spoken aloud but played in my head over and over and over again. I need to press stop but my mind keeps playing repeating things I would never say to another human being.


To myself, I bathe willingly in the acid rain of self-hatred, condemnation, negativity that steals away any tranquility brought to my heart from You.

My heart, a fickle thing why I do not lay it at Your feet to have Your way. I give up and beat it and then repeat, repeat repeat.

But this is not your plan for me. NO. Your Scripture unmistakably laid it out for me. If I only crack open this book of liberty.

Your Word is a light upon my path and a lamp unto my feet. It is delicious, freeing, heart changing, sweet.

I partake of the promises I bask therein, You give me hope, refreshment and forgiveness of sin.

So I will search I will seek I will hunt in this gift to me so in doing so I can see the ways you absolutely love and cherish me.

Fully drenched in Your blood. Washed pure as the whitest snow. Covered in a garment of praise. I see me as a reflection through Your eyes of love.

A Father’s love. Often not received on this earth. But love from my heavenly father who is always perfect, always generous, always forgiving.

I am a child whom You love

A child You adore.

A child you discipline.

A child You rejoice over with singing.

When You are covering me with Your feathers, I am held in the palm of Your hand. From there, no one can pluck me no one can take me. No one can harm me.

You my Father, envelop, encompass, encircle me in your shadow shield me with Your blood while I bask in the beauty of your presence. I am never alone.

There is No where I can run, nowhere to hide nowhere You are not. I can’t run from your existence.

Because in your presence is fullness of joy. In Your holy presence You are my portion. In Your presence, your strength is made perfect in my weakness.

I seek Your will.

Shatter my will to allow yours to invade, occupy, overrun. Mold my will, sculpt it, shape it Oh this is not fun.

Break down the walls of foolish pride that I have been storing selfishly inside. Purge the cupboards and closets of my soul of hidden secrets, sins untold. To make room for You glorious Father.

Let me find rest at Your nail scarred feet. Sustain me, treasure me, maintain me. Show me Your will for my life.

Let Your perfect will be done. In me, around me through me because of me.

May our will be done in spite of me. Because Your kingdom will come. It will come. One day thank You God! It will come.