Some thoughts about restlessness…

  1. Always fidgeting around to go, like a horse in an antbed —Elmer Kelton
  2. Fidgeted as though the skin on her back were as a plucked fowl’s in a poulterer’s shop window —Virginia Woolf
  3. Wriggling in her place, as if her chair was hot —Frank Swinnerton

According to

Definitions of RESTLESS are

1: lacking or denying rest : uneasy <a restless night>
2: continuously moving : unquiet <the restless sea>
3: characterized by or manifesting unrest especially of mind<restless pacing>; also : changefuldiscontented
— rest·less·ly adverb
— rest·less·ness noun
Herein I find myself.
Continuously moving.
Since I was eleven, I have moved about every 3 years. Whether it is from house to house, or city to city, or even to another continent. Moving has been a part of my life.  Since buying our beautiful property in the country, I find myself restless.
I am not sure why.
We have a great body to fellowship with, our family is healthy and strong. God provides all of our needs, but I feel like I am missing something.
Maybe I just need to be quiet.
Waiting for God to calm the waters of restlessness.
“And he awoke and rebuked the wind and said to the sea, “Peace! Be still!” And the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.” Mark 4:39
So I say to restless seas of my heart, “Peace! Be still!” because God has the storms of my life, large or small, in His mighty hand. I am His child. I am to rest.
Dinner needs to be prepared so I can’t sit to find a picture, but when I do, I will post it.
Peace be still my friends.

Keepin’ the fire burnin’

Our family has undergone a lot of change in the last year and half.  We adopted. Our car died along the road last Christmas and we had to purchase another vehicle. God gave us the money to pay it off.  We put our house on the market. (with false expectations on my part that it would sell in one week! It took less than 80) My husband was offered a job. Quit his job. Took a huge pay cut.  We sold our house. Packed our house. Moved our family across town to live with my parents for an undetermined amount of time. We put a bid on some property only to find out it had a well that belongs to someone else for 99 years and about 4 acres of the 10 has easements!

So, date night? Pffft!  We had one in June as we celebrated our 16 year anniversary. 🙂

That is good considering but you know it isn’t what it should be.

Sammy asked my mom to watch the girls and we had our first date the other night when we went out for one of our favorite foods! Indian! We had a wonderful time together and we talked about life in Africa where we lived and learned to cook and love Indian food. We talked about life now as we are walking an a path entirely dependent upon the Lord which is where we should always be!

Just like the fire in the picture, we need to keep the fire going with our friendships, our mates and especially God. Without Him we are nothing.

Relationships take time.

It took forever to get this fire going this morning!  Kindling, paper, more kindling! It didn’t just start right up. Building a good fire takes time and patience. (Not gasoline people!)

Take the time today to rekindle your old flame with your spouse. Make a phone call to someone who is on your heart. Cry out to the Maker of Heaven and Earth and ask Him to restart the flame in your heart.  Live in the warmth His love brings!  Stay warm my friends!

God you are good. You are faithful and true.

My husband wrote music for a song on his guitar and asked me to help him write the lyrics. So this is what I came up with  🙂 It is from his point of view written by me which I find quite funny! Not sure why but here is my joy for today!


God you are good. You are faithful and true.


One November day I saw your eyes looking back at me. Who knew then my bride forever you would be. After you wore your wedding gown on that hot summer day. From job to job, from town to town you’ve followed me.

God you are good. You are faithful and true. We are truly blessed to be loved by you. Your arms are open wide, your eyes are ever seeing. Lord you are mighty and from evil we’re fleeing.

From Dallas to Del Rio to Africa we went. A daughter just one from Nairobi, Kenya you lent. 2 years later one blond hair beauty we were blessed with. In April our lives changed forever again. He gave us daughter number three after a year of faithful prayers. He’s blessed us so much and on Him we cast our cares.

 God you are good. You are faithful and true. We are truly blessed to be loved by you. Your arms are open wide your eyes are ever seeing Lord you are mighty and from evil we’re fleeing. 

God You are good. You are faithful and true. We are truly blessed to be loved by You. Your arms are open wide Your eyes are ever seeing. Lord you are mighty and from evil we’re fleeing.

God You are good. You are faithful and true. We are truly blessed to be loved by You.

God is my pressure washer.

I was preparing the outside of my house for showing and the realtor asked if I would bleach a few spots on the driveway to get a few oil stains out. I had honestly never thought about cleaning the driveway!  So, I took the bleach and scrubbed the driveway but it wasn’t doing the job well enough. I thought about using a pressure washer.  I have never used a pressure washer, nor did I have one.  I had seen our neighbor with one and inquired about it.  He graciously loaned it to me and I proceeded without any instructions, to put it together. 

 It was hot, and I was having no success.  Finally I figured it out!  Woo hoo!  We have been here in this home almost 4 years now and that is what was on the ground! You can see the dirt and grime build up. There were some nasty spots on the driveway that over time had built up. I didn’t notice them because they became common.  That is the way sin is in my life.  I get accustomed to it and it doesn’t bother me.  So of course I had to take a photo to show what God does in our lives when He has free reign to do so!  

 God is our Heavenly “pressure washer”. Sometimes it takes some mega scrubbing and some severe force to get the sins out of our lives. You know, you actually have to ask Him to clean it out.  Ask as it says in I John 1:9 “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”  We can be clean! Simply ask.

Lord, if there is any unclean thought, any evil or any sin in our lives today, please wash it out.  Help us to yield the dirty pavement of our lives to You Father. In Jesus name, Amen

Clean House.

ImageIt is official. Our house is on the market. The house has been prepared for showing, but I still have 3 kids and a dog. How in the world am I going to keep this house clean???  One room at a time!

 I was given a mug from Mary Engelbreit that says, “PRINCESS OF QUITE A LOT” for Christmas a few years ago when it really should have said “QUEEN OF CLUTTER”!

I am not sure why, but I have been a clutter bug all of my life and it is something that is not easily overcome.  Here are a few things I have done to try to cut the clutter and prepare for the showings.

1. Put stuff away as soon as I am done using it. Logical thing for sure but hard to do when I get distracted.

2. Put a covered tub in each room so I can just throw the kids things in quickly and leave the house and after the showing, put their toys away.

3. Use the same dish all day with washing and putting it away immediately.

4. Pray a whole lot!

 Our house has not shown yet, but I have a good feeling that the showings will be begin soon. So I am excitedly expectant as we begin the process of selling our home. Say a few prayers for our family. It is hard to pack and move. It is hard to say goodbye to beloved neighbors. It is tough to help the kids understand why we are being obedient to God. This I know. God will provide. God is my help. God is a God of order!

Lord, today, if we have things in our lives that need to be dealt with, help us to draw them into the light so that you can purge our hearts and our lives to make us ready to “show”. Help us to be a good example for you not just hiding stuff in boxes to deal with later. Let us truly invite You in to clean our homes where you reside. Our hearts. In Jesus name. Amen 

(I borrowed this picture from  It is not my work but solely theirs.)