Abiding in Christ

As I was reading my Bible and doing my quiet time yesterday, my eldest child asked me what I was studying. I told her that I was reading about abiding in Christ.  She looked at me oddly and said, “A biting? How can you reach His hand?”  I laughed and explained that abiding meant being permanent, enduring, staying put. Off she ran to play.  I sat there thinking, “What a perfect post for tomorrow.”  We often do bite God’s hand as he extends it to us. Not physically of course, but figuratively.  He offers to help us, to lead us in the right direction and we don’t like where He is leading us so we don’t accept. We bite in anger and say, “I shouldn’t have to do that!” “Why would you make me do that?”  When all He often wants is that willingness to choose to take his hand and be obedient.

 “Our acceptance with God and our access to Him is through Christ. As we consciously abide in Him, we are free from the power of our old nature. In this divine freedom from self-will, we are free to ask God for what we want, being influenced now by our new nature. And God will do it. Let us treasure this place of freedom through abiding in Christ — and believe that our requests right now are heard and will be answered.” Andrew Murray    

     We have 24 hour access people! 🙂

 “We find a night-and-day difference in our lives when we choose against struggling to be strong and peaceful and loving –and instead, count on the strength and peace and love of Christ’s life within us. And how good it is to know that abiding in Christ is not an unusual, added extra in the Christian life intended for a few ‘special’ Christians. It’s part of God’s plan for each of His children” Warren and Ruth Myers

 We have just to accept and trust that He will do as He says friends.  We can do this!

Lord, help us to abide with You today and bask in Your glory and presence. Help us to put away what hinders us from a closer walk with you. Thank You for what You will do today in our lives. In Jesus name we pray. Amen!