Humbly Bowed

Humbly bowed, in your presence Lord.  I call to you, come find me where I am.

I’m begging now, down on my knees. I need you God, to make me pure again.

Here I am, a sinner needing cleansed. Come wash me now, from all this filth and sin.

Forgiveness flows, like blood and water flowed. From Your side, Your life just slipped away.

Thank you God, forgiveness floods my soul. I’m pure again, washed as white as snow.

My sins are cast. Far away from me. From east to west, thank you God I’m free!



Thank You.

Thank you for hearing me when I call.

                                     Thank you for picking me up each time I stumble or fall.

Thank you for always being just a call away.

Especially when I tend to foolishly go astray.

Thank you for loving me regardless of what I do.

Thank you for drawing my wandering heart back to you.